Yes, i know it’s been a while but life has a habit of getting in the way and fucking things up. But i’m back (for now) and I’ve made a discovery.

I’ve been using my lockdown boredom to do a bit of research into losing weight and getting in shape. I joined a brand new gym that hadn’t even opened just before the pandemic hit, so they’re not going to be open for a while  Figured i’d try and get some workouts in at home seeing as i’m in quarantine for 12 weeks due to being high risk.

I read something a while back about finding out your body type so that you can work out smarter, so i did that VShred body type quiz thing. Turns out i’m an Endomorph. That means that i store fuel (fat), especially around my hips, bum, thighs and tummy, and really struggle to shift it because of my badass metabolism. Back when food was scarce, Endomorphs were the last ones standing due to your bodies being like “Right, time to store fat lads, we’re gonna need it this winter.” It also means that in this modern world, we don’t really need to do that anymore.

So basically, what i need to be doing to Carb Cycling or basically confusing my metabolism into not hanging onto fat. One day is low carb day, the next is high carb and the day after that moderate and so on. That should confuse my badass survival metabolism into letting go of the stored fat and not hanging on to so much. On low carb days i need to be filling up on good fats like avocados and nuts. On high carb days i can go balls to the wall on pasta.

I also need to be doing HIIT training about 3 times a week mixed in with strength training as opposed to a shit tone of boring cardio, which suits me because a) i fucking HATE cardio and b) i WAY prefer lifting.

All in all, i think this is going to be a MUCH better way of doing things than what i have been doing, Today i’ll be finding some yummy recipes to see if i can start carb cycling next week, although with supermarkets so fucked up at the moment with the pandemic, not sure how that’ll work, but i can see. I’ll also be finding some cool HIIT workouts that i can maybe do outside in the garden so i can get outta the house for half an hour.

(The video that follows after the VShred quiz to tell you your body type is pretty long, but it’s really worth it for the info. I just scribbled down all the points and tips then did my own research).

Lastly, i hope you’re all doing OK with lockdown. Stay safe xx