Hi Guys, Gals and Non-Binary pals,

I’m taking control of my life and getting into organising things A LOT better. At the moment, all i seem to be doing is going to work all day, then coming home and wasting 4-5 hours just flicking between the same 4 phone apps before i go to bed. I’ve noticed that its really started to affect my mental health, and it has to stop.

So, as of tonight, i’m dusting off my bullet journal and organising my time. No more coming home and wasting so much time before bed. Time to get shit done!

One of the things i’m looking at is setting down what i want this blog to focus on. With that in mind, i want to add a couple of things as an add-on to the main Spoonie topics:

  • Main Theme: Spoonie life (obvs…)
  • Recipes
  • Vegan/Veggie Keto diet
  • Anti-Inflammatory diet
  • New Topic: Zero Waste living & product reviews
  • New Topic: Shopping local & shopping reviews
  • New Topic: Occasional plus-size fashion posts

Anything else will get posted to my other blog, Vacuous Drivel

What do you guys think – sound good? Sound off below and lemme know!

Vix xx