Now that my arthritis is getting worse in my hands, i figured it was time to look around for things to help with that. I already wear splints when i’m at work as my job is fairly data entry heavy, but i needed something to wear at home after work when my pain is usually at it’s highest levels.  Even with the splints on at work, by the end of the working day, i still hurt.

I saw the ad for One Compress compression gloves when i was scrolling through Instagram and figured i’d click through the link and check them out.  All the reviews seem to be pretty positive and at that point, I was willing to try pretty much anything to help relieve the aching i was having in all my finger joints, especially my thumbs.  They were half price, so i thought sod it, lets get a pair. So i did! 

The gloves arrived within just a couple of days, which is pretty speedy.  The gloves themselves feel a little weird when you first put them on as they’re compression gloves so they feel almost too tight, but it didn’t take long at all to get used to them.  They almost feel like a second skin once you’ve worn them for a couple of hours.  The fingers are long enough to support pretty much all the finger joints, but leave the top ones free which helps with movement.

One feature that i particularly like is that they’re long enough to support my wrists too, which i have constant pain in.  I have a metal plate and 7 screws in my right wrist, so that’s the most painful one.  One Compress gloves also offer a certain amount of wrist support too, which for me, is awesome.

These gloves have really made a difference for me.  They made it easier to manage my hand pain and do things like hold a book without getting pain in my palms and thumbs.  Or hold a full mug of tea in the mornings. They’re easy to take care of too and can be washed with your normal clothes. They dry quick too due to being made of a cotton-spandex mix.  I’ve also noticed that they don’t make my hands at all sweaty like my splints do.

Overall, I give One Compress gloves a solid 9/10, and i’ll DEFINITELY be getting a few more pairs!

One Compress also stock elbow and knee supports as well as compression foot sleeves.