I finally did it, I joined the ever-growing number of Spoonies who are turning to CBD oil to get some kind of relief from their symptoms with natural, organic products.  And you know what?  I can’t believe I’ve left it this long because holy CRAP it’s amazing

I decided to go entry-level to start with and went for the lowest strength i could find, which was from Holland & Barrett.  It was a spur-of-the-moment decision as I happened to be in the store buying walnut halves and saw that their CBD products are currently in the Penny Sale. So I got myself a bottle of 2.75% concentration for £19.99 and a second bottle of the same strength for 1p.  I figured that if it didn’t work for me then I haven’t spent a small fortune and can swallow a loss of £20.00 in a bid to ease my symptoms.

The CBD products have now changed to the Better Than Half Price sale so the bottle actually, if I’d just waited a week, I would have got a slightly cheaper deal. Ah well.

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I started taking my CBD oil on a Saturday as I didn’t know how my body was going to react to it and didn’t want to be potentially completely off my tits at work.  Turns out I needn’t have worried as during the first day, the effects were minimal, if anything at all.  I used to smoke A LOT of weed back in the day so wasn’t too concerned.  I felt the tiniest bit spaced out during the first few hours, but that could just have been because I had a late night (for me, 10pm is late) and a 6am wake up call by my senior cat. So it could have been tiredness rather that any side effects.

What I will say is that the effects were nothing short of a miracle.  After 3 drops under my tongue (as directed on the bottle), in under 10 minutes, my usual Fibro pain levels had halved.  The change was so dramatic that I actually had a little cry.  As the day wore on, i felt that I had more energy as my pain levels were so much lower, so I actually managed to get things done on a Saturday rather than having to stay in bed.  I had a second dose mid-afternoon and that carried me through until bedtime.

I carried on into the Sunday and took more oil as soon as I woke up as the previous day’s had worn off and i was hurting.  Again, the effects were almost immediate and carried on through the day and my second dose.

I’ve now been using CBD oil for 4 days, even at work, and I haven’t had to take a single prescribed painkillers, or even over the counter ones either.  I still have pain, but it’s now low-level (low level for me would probably be excruciating for ‘normies’) which means being much easier for me to tolerate without painkillers.

I’m going to gradually build up my dosage of the 2.75% concentration that I currently have, and then move on to a 4 or 5% strength in time.  I honestly cannot recommend CBD oil enough if you have any kind of chronic pain.  I still can’t quite believe just how much a difference a little bottle of liquid has made.  My Fibro fog is slowly clearing, my pain levels are coming down and I’ve actually started to sleep better too.

I’ll keep updating on my progress so fingers crossed that the improvements keep coming!