Right here is all the motivation i need. Today i weigh 105.6kgs (231lbs/16.5st) and a UK size 20/22. 18 months ago those size 16 jeans were actually a little baggy and the tshirt was a perfect fit.

I HAVE to get back to that. My body is starting to fail me and i’m letting it down. Its been through so much and i absolutely HAVE to start taking care of it. My COPD is worse, as is my arthritis and fibromyalgia. If i’m going to delay the wheelchair and oxygen tank for as long as possible, this weight needs to go.

So everytime i think about not exercising or going back to my bullshit binge eating, i’ll look at this picture. My first goal is to get back down to a size 18. I’m not going to plan past that as the journey to get there will seem too long and too hopeless. And when i get there, i’ll set myself another goal.

Lastly, quick shout out to @torriewilson for her daily inspiration and pep talks here on Insta. I take alot of them to heart and use her positivity and motivation to push forward. 💜 Gonna need a lot of that right now at the start of this journey! 💪